Copilot has been globally available since November 1, 2023, and since then, I’ve been using it daily. In this blog post, I share my experiences over the past month.

Copilot Chat:

I use Copilot Chat the most. Each morning, I ask it to display my day’s agenda and prepare for upcoming meetings. Initially, it only showed morning agenda items, which was disappointing. However, as I continued to use it, the results improved significantly.

Copilot Chat also handles non-enterprise queries, like inquiring about Microsoft SharePoint. It provides information from both the enterprise and Bing, offering a comprehensive view and revealing potentially unknown internal resources.

Copilot in Outlook:

Within Outlook, Copilot is an excellent tool for summarizing email threads and extracting essential information. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Dutch, limiting its effectiveness with Dutch-written emails.

Another feature is drafting responses to emails. You can adjust the response length and style, which is handy when I’m short on time but need to convey sufficient information to customers.

Copilot in PowerPoint:

I’ve also been experimenting with Copilot in PowerPoint. It simplifies creating presentations from Word documents or PDF files. While the styling isn’t perfect, it provides a good starting point, and customization is possible.

Copilot in Word:

In Microsoft Word, Copilot can draft entire documents. It offers a basic structure, but adapting the document to a specific style is more challenging.

My Conclusion After One Month:

As Copilot is used more widely, it’s becoming increasingly effective. Microsoft’s continual improvements are enhancing personal productivity and saving time in document and email composition. I believe Copilot will only get better.

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