Join Anouck and Steve as they share their insights and experiences on delivery, application development, and creative thinking in the cloud.

Are you a cloud consultant who is passionate about delivering value to your clients? Do you want to learn from other experts who have faced and solved similar challenges? Do you enjoy listening to engaging and informative conversations on topics that matter to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you will love FusionTalk, a new podcast for cloud consultants by cloud consultants.

FusionTalk is hosted by Anouck and Steve, two busy working consultants in the cloud who have a lot to say about anything delivery. They will talk about how to create applications, define applications, brainstorm ideas, and use the tools that enable the right application for the business. They will also share their stories, tips, and best practices from their own projects and careers.

In the first episode of FusionTalk, Anouck and Steve discuss brainstorming, one of the most important and fun aspects of delivery. They will explain what brainstorming is, why it is useful, and how to do it effectively. They will also share some of their favorite brainstorming techniques and tools that they use in their daily work. You will learn how to generate, organize, and evaluate ideas, as well as how to collaborate with others and get feedback.

If you are interested in listening to FusionTalk, you can find it here. You can also follow FusionTalk on X and LinkedIn to get updates on new episodes and interact with the hosts and other listeners. We hope you enjoy FusionTalk and find it valuable for your professional development and personal growth.

Door Anouck

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